Archive | February, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan’s self-immolating “transformation”

Like the cynical Newspeak* titles of the Harper regime’s many schemes to plunder the public good and to “streamline government” by dismantling regulations and scientific and democratic checks, the very title of the University of Saskatchewan’s “Transform US” is a lie.  “Transformation” suggests a creative process, a renewal.  The awkward juxtaposition of the collective pronoun […]

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Why I use a small camera SYSTEM

In one of the endless and endlessly repeated discussions of whether bigger is better on the big Amazon-owned digital photography website DPreview: Corpy2 wrote: Well, I was very happy with the quality of the e-m5, especially with the 45 1.8 and the 75mm. But then I looked at the A7r [the Sony A7 in an […]

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