On the Ukraine – “objective” comment

Reposted with permission.  The eloquent and amusing reaction to a “left” writer’s article supporting the interim government in Kiev by a dear friend in the struggle for a saner world, Vancouver’s Brian Waite.

What an idiot. He should travel to Eastern Ukraine and carry a placard proclaiming the views of the pro-EU interim government in Kiev and, by now in a full body cast, be wheeled into West Ukraine touting the glories of Crimea’s reunification with mother Russia and urging the Westerners to join in. Following the next beating, he will now be “re-cast” and like a double-hulled oil tanker all of his blood will be handily contained.

Most of the “democratic” masses on the ground are nationalist thugs which ever side they support. Most ordinary citizens will bear the burden of the proffered bailouts coming from the EU or Russia. The heinous mechanisms of austerity in the cradle of democracy are now causing millions of Greek children to go hungry. The Tatars may be packing once again awaiting a second historical expulsion or as we now refer to it ethnic cleansing. This being repeated to varying degrees according to local demographics in the approximate middle third of the country.

The hypocrisy of the majority of European, Canadian and American politicians and pundits is astonishing, insofar as they can keep a straight face. With or without the support of the UN and/or NATO we have left a trail of failed states, impoverished populations on a knife edge of sudden violent death during every minute of their daily lives – Iraq, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Syria and in a matter of time after more than 10 years of blood and treasure, Afghanistan et al. – with millions of new refugees living in squalid camps which good hearted Western liberals donate to in order to assuage any guilt they might feel for atrocities carried out by their own governments.

In the meantime, we are subjected to non-stop reporting on this issue and non-stop non-reporting on that Malaysian aircraft (including by our own CBC) and nary a peep about the ongoing slaughter in Syria aided and abetted by Russia on the one side and America’s good buddies in the House of Saud on the other, its oil monies supporting madrasas responsible for the world-wide expansion of Wahhabism and Salafism. Not to mention that there are millions more lining up to rape and slaughter each other in various parts of Africa.

All and all a tragic farce. Do I recall correctly that you have some musical skills? We should get to work on a feminist version of “Springtime for Hitler” with that bitch Tymoshenko in the lead. As the producers we can get backing from the Fourth International and get them to take it on the road and perform it in the back-country barns of rural Ukraine. I would guess this would be just as useful as continuing the constant in-fighting and bickering among the various sects and factions, the apparent goal to win the highest level of esoteric brownie points by mining the complete works of the greats in the Marxist Pantheon in search of the diamond of unchallengeable truth which supports its side of the argument.

At least the Parisians weren’t armed with axes, picks and shovels when they reacted to the premier of “The Rite of Spring” which event will look like a picnic in the park with George Seurat compared with the carnage embodied in the blood and borscht as the curtain falls on our little play, hopefully with enough vodka in the mix to sterilize the open wounds of the survivors.

What a glorious end to the Fourth International.



I was born in Germany, grew up and have lived most of my life in Canada, but was back there from 1986 to 1990 to marry, help to have a daughter and see the wall fall. Attended elementary schools and St. Michael's College High School, Northern Secondary & Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto. Started U at Carleton in Ottawa, but completed my degrees in Anthropology and English at York U in Toronto, where I was also a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant to Prof. Norman Penner and studied in the Graduate program in Social and Political Thought. Much more recently I completed MA courses in English Literature and worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at University of Saskatchewan, but became a Program creator and Facilitator and Employment Counsellor at the Saskatoon Open Door Society. I have long been politically active,, have a strong interest in photography, literature and the arts, and am lucky enough to be married to a world-class pianist and to have a beautiful and talented daughter and a brilliant son-in-law,

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