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The end of flipping mirror photography

The half-century reign of flipping-mirror cameras is ending. Canon and Nikon will, of course, try to pretend that nothing has changed as long they possibly can, offering oblique solutions like their smallest-ever DSLRs’s, retro models, and by pushing existing technologies to their limits (this is what gave us the D800′s amazing resolution and the 70D’s […]

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Syria, Sochi, Stalin, Putin

I was startled by a brief, new item in Tuesday night’s 10 PM CBC’ News a report  that thousands of  photographs  of corpses of  “detainees” of Syria’s Assad regime bearing clear evidence of starvation and torture had been smuggled out on USB sticks. This first report was immediately followed by longer items about home insurance rates […]

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Neil Young vs. Sask Premier Wall’s Frankentruck

As much as I dislike the word blaawwg……there are a few things that I need to say. Many, actually. About what a beautiful day it is.  It is sunny, it is a temperate 5C (yes +5C) outside, and even the wind is a mere 10-15 km/ dear dog Gina – still beautiful and a bit […]

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