The Ukraine’s difficult past and future

Kiev is the important city through which much of what has become Russia flowed.   The brief Ukrainian Socialist Republic also marked a high point of Ukrainian tolerance before its independence was crushed its population decimated and its culture suppressed by the monstrosity Stalin engineered in contemptuous defiance of the promises and ideals of Russian Revolution and its resonances.  A fascinating fact borne our by the archival work of Edvard Radzinsky and comprehensive research of Marcel Liebman is that the last desperate struggle of the selfsame Lenin whose statues were toppled so enthusiastically by some Ukrainians was not only against Stalin, but precisely against the Russian- dominated “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.   A decade before forced collectivization and the genocidal famines, though architect  increasingly incapacitated by wounds from an attempted assassination and multiple strokes, the main architect of the Russian Revolution foresaw the neo-czarist empire for which Stalin was laying the groundwork.  He did everything possible, including close collaboration with that revolution’s public and military leader, Leon Trotsk to forestall the birth of this monstrosity.


I was born in Germany, grew up and have lived most of my life in Canada, but was back there from 1986 to 1990 to marry, help to have a daughter and see the wall fall. Attended elementary schools and St. Michael's College High School, Northern Secondary & Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto. Started U at Carleton in Ottawa, but completed my degrees in Anthropology and English at York U in Toronto, where I was also a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant to Prof. Norman Penner and studied in the Graduate program in Social and Political Thought. Much more recently I completed MA courses in English Literature and worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at University of Saskatchewan, but became a Program creator and Facilitator and Employment Counsellor at the Saskatoon Open Door Society. I have long been politically active,, have a strong interest in photography, literature and the arts, and am lucky enough to be married to a world-class pianist and to have a beautiful and talented daughter and a brilliant son-in-law,

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